Arabs (/ˈærəbz/; Arabic: عرب, ‘arab) are a major panethnic group whose native language is Arabic, comprising the majority of the Arab world. They primarily inhabit Western Asia, North Africa, and parts of the Horn of Africa. Before the spread of Islam, Arab referred to any of the largely nomadic Semitic tribes inhabiting the northern and central Arabian Peninsula. In modern usage Arab refers to a heterogeneous collection of Arabic-speaking peoples in the Middle East and North Africa. The ties that bind Arabs are linguistic, cultural, and political, and to a lesser extent genetic, with Arabized Arabs displaying genetic admixture from the Arabian peninsula as well as indigenous elements. As such, Arab identity is based on one or more of genealogical, linguistic or cultural grounds, although with competing identities often taking a more prominent role, based on considerations including regional, national, clan, kin, sect, and tribe affiliations and relationships. Not all people who could be considered Arab identify as such. If the Arab panethnicity is regarded as a single population, then it constitutes the world's second largest group of people after the Han Chinese.

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An Intimate, Weekend-Long Wedding in the Hudson Valley

New York Magazine 24 May 2024
We did our vows and had our friend Faisal say a prayer in Arabic in honor of Adam’s dad ... Around 11.30 or midnight as the band was starting to wrap up, we opened the doors on the far side of the dance floor and we’d set up a hookah area — majlis is the Arabic word for it — where there are pillows and carpet and you sit on the floor and hang out....

Travelling with RSD means seeing the best of the world

Pressat 23 May 2024
Thursday 23 May, 2024. There are trips one dreams of for a lifetime. Step into the fascinating world of RSD study tours ... Malta's capital Valletta and the Arabic splendour in Grenada. Not forgetting the Colossus of Rhodes, the dancing dervishes of Cappadocia or Norway's incredible Geirangerfjord ... Or as part of an exploration tour „Rhodes & Aegean“ ... Phone....

Coldwater neighbors shared cultural diversity at downtown jubilee

The Daily Reporter 22 May 2024
Participants shared exhibits, food, music, and dancing with those who dropped by ... A woman and daughter presented traditional Japanese dancing. Numerous local Arabic booths display the culture that came to Coldwater in the 1970s ... of the crowd to join them dancing in the street....

How the Sharjah National Band is spreading Emirati culture all over the world

The National 22 May 2024
As the rhythms gain momentum and intricacy, the men sway and twirl their canes aloft while chanting expressions of joy and praise taken from classical Arabic Nabati poetry ... Usually performed in momentous occasions, the Ayala is part of the vast catalogue of Emirati traditional dance the group performs....

Linda B. Mullally, Postcards from the Mullallys: Kasbah, Castillo and Flamenco

Monterey Herald 15 May 2024
Thirty-two hours of transit sleep deprivation tainted my initial impression of Portugal’s capital. I saw cigarette butts and neglect rather than grand splendor. Fortunately, 10 hours of horizontal rest at the hotel rebooted my sense of wonder and explorer attitude ... The Flamenco Museum highlighted the dynamic dance’s Arabic and Roma (Gypsy) roots ... of ... ....

Northwestern ended its protest encampment without cops or violence. Why is Congress upset?

Chicago Sun-Times 15 May 2024
<img class="Image" alt="A cordon of students confronts school personnel at Northwestern." ... Now that agreement is under fire. Pat Nabong/Sun-Times ... Across racial and religious differences, they mourned the more than 34,000 Palestinians killed in Gaza, while sharing meals and learning the dabke, a traditional Arabic dance ... They struck a deal ... Provided....

Sheikh Zayed Book Award, Kalima Project Bridge Cultures at Arab-Chinese Symposium

The Arabian Post 14 May 2024
The Sheikh Zayed Book Award, established in Abu Dhabi by the Abu Dhabi Arabic Language Centre, is known as the “Arab World’s Nobel Prize in Literature ... The rhythmic energy of Arabic dabke dance routines intertwined with the elegance of Chinese opera, creating a vibrant display of cultural exchange....

Social Media Boycott: Global Support for Palestine Through Celebrity Accountability

Watan 13 May 2024
Meanwhile, activists called for boycotting supporting companies, and the campaign extended to Arab countries ... “So, I made a commitment to myself to boycott all Arab celebrities who dance on the blood and limbs of my people, following the example of the American youth boycotting their celebrities.” .......

In the Palestinian struggle, there’s more than an echo

Indian Express 12 May 2024
Both upper castes (Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Vaishyas) and Zionists assert scriptural authority, genetic superiority, and cultural supremacy through the state ... Advertisement ... In Sayed Kashua’s fictional autobiography Dancing Arabs, the narrator is a Palestinian living in Israel and confesses how he passed as Israeli to escape Israeli surveillance ... .......

"Hamas Accepts Ceasefire Deal" Is Basically a Fake Headline, Israel Continues Bombing, by Andrew Anglin

The Unz Review 07 May 2024
His narrative on this ceasefire is that Israel never wanted a ceasefire and the Americans and the Arabs put this together, so Israel was under no obligation to accept it ... After the videos of the Arab children dancing when they heard of a ceasefire, we see the Jews dancing as they move in to slaughter those same children....

Bahraini resistance group Saraya al-Ashtar joins the fray against Israeli regime

Press TV 05 May 2024
The Al-Khalifa regime represents the most shameless of treachery to the Palestinian and sovereign Arab stances and causes, having celebrated Israel’s 75th “anniversary,” or, in other words, dancing on the graves of the Nakba victims....